I’ve often seen such humorously posted by other bloggers on one of their entries but with “money” instead of books written on it. It’s their POV about paid blogging to which I am sometimes not so convinced about. You do know already that I get paid for writing about certain products and most of you do too. The question is, is it ethical to be paid for blogging and is it fair for google?  I can’t really answer that straight. 🙁 I lean to the side of it’s ok because I get paid for what I love to do: writing.

When advertiser buy blog links it means they pay a blogger for placing a link back to their blog. This in turn gives them a boost in ranking to which google and other search engines play a big role…but since I enjoy writing reviews and recommendation and at the same time giving warning about books not so worth your time, I find it really OK to have a link to authors’ websites or product’s blog and other pages.

For now I am also open with getting a book for blogging, can you spare me some? 🙂

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