When the time comes to plan your future beyond University you’re usually faced with three options. Either, you go into the big scary world of work; you take some time out to “find yourself” and go travelling around the world; or you go on to further education which can involve studying for a postgraduate degree, (known as a Masters), or studying in a different country altogether.

study abroad
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This third option lets you combine the chance to travel around the world and also to gain recognized qualifications that will help to set you apart from all of the other candidates who apply for the position you want so badly.

However, some courses are obviously rated as better than others, just like the Universities are in the UK or USA for instance, so it pays to study in the institutions ranked higher up the list of “top Universities in the world.” The question remains, however, how do you find them? After all, just because you want to study at one University doesn’t mean that studying at a different one, within the same country, is a bad thing.

Here are just five of the best countries you could study in to help kick start your career and allow you to see the world your way:

United States

With 30 of the world’s top 50 Universities spread across the nation, most people looking to study abroad opt for the United States. If you’re good enough and have the grades, then you’re most likely to look for the best of the best, Harvard for example is globally renowned for being one of the best in the country; but there are plenty of others that will be on the lookout for successful, ambitious students and many will offer scholarships.

United Kingdom

British Universities, particularly those based in London, are popular among foreign students looking to obtain well-regarded qualifications before returning home or making a career for themselves in the UK. Tuition fees are often the only stumbling block with Universities now able to charge as much as £9,000 each year.


Sweden is attempting to become one of the most modern countries in Europe, and a lot of students are looking to take advantage of the innovative companies that have been born in the country. The likes of Volvo, Ericsson and Ikea have all grown from Swedish roots and students have looked to obtain the finishing skills in the area before moving into a career with these major firms, or taking work experience back to a similar career in their home country.


If you choose to study abroad in Israel, you might get a few raised eyebrows from friends and family who couldn’t even point to it on a map. However, the education you can receive from choosing an Israeli University is just as well respected as any you would receive in the US or UK, with IDC currently ranked the top institution in the country.


Despite its size, Switzerland is one of the European superpowers. Four Swiss Universities have made the top 30 for teaching international students and the picturesque country, quality education and everything else it has to offer in terms of its close proximity to the rest of Europe makes it an ideal country for anyone looking to study and travel around Europe.

Matt Rawlings is a UK-based writer who has studied abroad and across Europe, including Switzerland, France and Spain.