Not the best combination of actors. Period. I have to agree with the reviews. Jolie and Depp doesn’t have that much chemistry and the characters they played in the movie are not so “lively.”

The film starts with Elise (Angelina Jolie) being followed by the French Police, from her apartment to a lovely cafe in Paris. A postman comes by to leave a note for her and the Police arrested the postman as they mistook him for someone else. It is revealed that the French Police is working with the Scotland Yard under the direction of Inspector John Acheson (Paul Bettany) and are in search of Elise’s former lover, Alexander Pearce…a man who owes billions in back taxes and whom no one has seen yet.

Elise leaves for Venice as per Pearce’s instruction and on the train she met a tourist, Frank (Johnny Depp).  She spends much time with him, even shared a hotel room with him, seeming to start a romance to throw off the Police that has been following her. Later, Frank would be in a pinch as others who are after Pearce (gangsters who he owes money to) thought that he is indeed Pearce would follow him around the city until he was caught by Italian Police. Elise came to rescue him in a chase around the rivers of Venice.

Elise is then revealed to be a Scotland Yard undercover agent sent to catch Pearce, but falls in love with him in the process. The same gangsters took Elise as hostage in order for Pearce to show up – them knowing that he does love her. Frank would intervene in the drama upsetting the plan of the Scotland Yard. Chief Inspector Jones (Timothy Dalton) arrives and orders police snipers to fire, killing the gangsters.

After the incident, the police run out to chase a possible sighting of Pearce. Frank then opens a safe, with only Elise present, demonstrating that he is no decoy, but the real Pearce – what surgery coulld do. He and Elise take the money and run away, leaving behind a check for the balance of his taxes owed. Acheson wants to pursue him, but Jones determines that with the taxes paid, Pearce’s only crime is that he stole money from a now dead gangster. Jones orders the case to be closed. Frank and Elise then sail away.

(hubby and kids in front of the French Embassy in Paris)

The twist in the story is good but they could have done better with the acting. Rotten tomatoes put it bluntly !”The scenery and the stars are undeniably beautiful, but they can’t make up for The Tourist’s slow, muddled plot, or the lack of chemistry between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.”

The film started really promising showing a lovely Parisian area and ended up with an equally enchanting city, Venice…at the end of the story, Elise asks Frank “20 million dollars worth of plastic surgery. And that’s the face you choose?” lmao. Who could resist Johnny Depp? haha it’s just a movie!

(gondola traffic in Venice that I was so fascinated with, I had to take a photo)