I’ve never seen a real Rapunzel plant…I doubt that I would. Just like the plant, the original story written by the Grimm Brothers entitled Rapunzel has been elusive. Perhaps, I haven’t search the libraries here much, would love to read it in German too.

The original is, as you’ve read is grim (no pun intended), not intended for kids but the version that we know now has been revised a lot that it has lost the grim and darkness of the plot.

It is after all intended now for kids – girls who are thought that a knight in shining armor would come and save them when they are in distress. lol. Well, I’ve lived that belief too when I was little, haven’t we all?

This is why I like the twist they gave the Rapunzel movie, she was not portrayed as a damsel in distress as most of the other princesses were. Actually a bit rebellious if I may say. I heard the producers say in an interview that they wanted to create a character that kids can look up to, both for male and female that is.

It was also a good move that they didn’t include the part in the version where Rapunzel gets pregnant. – That was the first version though.

Have you watched the movie yet? I did and I truly love it, will write about it soon.