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Giving Kids Their Own Reading Spot

May 4, 2013


It’s not like the “corner.”  A reading nook that will encourage your kids to read at home should not be a place that they associate with something that happens when they get into mischief.  It has to be a fun place where they can have their own adventure whether from the stories that they read or from stories that they create themselves.  An age-appropriate reading nook will make it easier for your children to develop the love for reading and learning.

For toddlers and pre-school aged kids, your reading nook should have padded floors and walls.  You can have a book rack with all his favorite books.  Make sure that your reading nook furniture pieces do not have sharp corners.  Better yet, you can have throw pillows on the floor where you and your little one can cuddle up for reading time.  Some reading nooks have puppet stages or doll houses where the characters of the storybook adventures can come alive.

bookstore reading corner

Older kids who can read by themselves should already have an organized reading nook.  They would need to have their own reading chair.  Parents should still have their own spot in their child’s reading nook to allow him to be with his child when he wants to have company while he reads.  For families with more than one child, having a small table with a few chairs around can accommodate kids who want to spend reading time together.

Teeners are a little bit of a challenge to build or designate any space for.  Some teeners would opt to isolate themselves in their rooms while they read and do other things.  You can still find a way to give your teen his own reading spot while at the same time giving him some privacy.  He can actually have his nook inside his room.  Or, if you don’t want him staying in his room all the time, you can give him his own corner in the den or build him a comfortable reading perch out in the yard.

Unlike adult reading nooks, children’s reading nooks are often more colorful.  Relaxation is often not the goal when kids go to their nooks.  Mental stimulation and stirring their imagination is the goal of reading.  A children’s reading nook is therefore often a fun and exciting place.  When they have such a space where they can let their imagination run wild, kids will surely go from one book to another without much coaxing.

reading nook
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  1. Reading has always been my favorite pastime ever since I can remember. Now I have my two granddaughters loving to read. The older one will spend hours reading and is a straight A+ student and I know it is from all the reading. I read to her when she was just a baby and I kept her while her parents worked. She now reads to her younger sister and they both love books. I got the older one a Nook Color for Christmas two years ago and boy she has sure got a lot of use out of it. Great ideas about the reading nooks and I am going to send this to my daughter. It might make reading more fun for her younger daughter. Thanks for the ideas. I am sure there are lots of parents that still want their children to read and treasure books. 🙂

  2. thinking of nowadays, what about ebooks and ebooks reader? Can they gain a place in a reading spot, keeping a good experience for the children?

  3. That window nook looks like heaven! What a great way to help kids enjoy reading — they love their own special spaces and they’ll be making a space in their souls big enough for a life-time reading habit.

  4. As a teenage book reviewer, I wholeheartedly agree that every kid should have a reading spot! It definitely encourages reading as a hobby and provides someplace quiet!

  5. As an only child I had plenty of little spaces to read quietly – and I developed a lifetime love of reading

  6. I like everything about this! This is so important! I grew up with my own reading spot and now my daughter shares the same love for it as I do! It’s great!

  7. My granddaughters like to go into the dog’s bedroom to read, they read to the big greatdane we have and he loves it!

  8. I totally agree that every kid should have a reading spot! My boys each has a nook in the study room where they read. All the books are arranged neatly and within easy reach. There are throw pillows on the floor too for the perfect ambience for reading!

    Great post, BTW!

  9. Imo, children should be encouraged to ask questions and find answers to them. Reading is definitely one of the keys to creativity and curiosity. That’s what spending time with a book should be all about, not something boring you’re made to do at school. Having a special routine or your own books will make it a fun part of the day.

  10. Reading is very important in this house as my husband has more books than even I can count! My son is only 10 months old but already has a reading nook in his room for when he is ready for it. We only read stories there as to keep it special and private to him. I want to make reading special for him and allow him a place where dreams come alive through words.

  11. I am lucky, all my girls reading spot is where they pop their little tushies. They all love to read.

  12. I love last pic reminds me of our local library they have a window spot setup like that that I loved as a kid .

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