Libreria Acqua Alta

By on June 20, 2014


entrance, cat cradle on the side

Found the most beautiful bookshop in the world while strolling in Venice and really loved it. The bookstore called Libreria Acqua Alta is so unique – books and gondolas and bathtubs? Why not! The idea is so that when the water rises (high tide = Acqua alta in Italian), the books won’t get wet.

Gondola book pile

The book shop is also home to some bookish cats, visitors could pet and take photos of…or with. At some spots, they aren’t easily visible, sleeping in their baskets, you’d only notice them if they purr.

read: cat’s overhead
to the canal
Italian charm

Cautious as the owners were, some books weren’t able to make it…they are then taken at the back of the bookstore, a charming corner where they are all piled up…you can go up on these piles and see what’s beyond the bookshop….just follow the books. I’ts always a good advice to take.

Follow the books


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Thankful for bookstores that make reading more fun

By on February 1, 2012


What’s more fun than getting lost in a book and living the story in your imagination? For kids, it could be physically being on those places the books describe. Above is son2 in a wood train of books inside Thalia, one of our favorite bookstores. There, he can look at picture books and pretend to drive the train as well…would be totally cool if the book depicts a train.

The kids love this place, it’s not as big as Powerbooks and the coffee corner for adults is not half the whole floor but just a little corner…I could go with it too. The kids truly behave in here…much better than in the library. 🙂

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