Been joining Tuesday Couch Potatoes for some time now and for this month, this should have been my 4th entry. However, the theme is Witchcraft so I’m skipping it. Deuteronomy 18 prohibits divination, sorcery, magic, spiritism and anything close to these, calling them abominable; which I take seriously for respect of God’s word. At times I may have watched instances of these in movies or read them in books but not deliberately. I take it that  watching movies (or reading books) with spiritualistic overtones may be viewed by most as ok but for me, it’s the same as supporting it when viewed or read. I listen to my conscience well, if I’m bothered watching a certain movie, I just stop then and there.

Anyway, Just About Anything, the blog hosting Tuesday Couch Potatoes is giving away a Blu-Ray and DVD of your choice. 😉

I’m joining in. We are moviebuffs and the hubby sees to it that we have copies of our favorite movies accessible with a click of the mouse. He setup a media-pc with all our favorite English and Japanese movies and animes too.

However, I really like to have a copy of Tangled (hints of magic there) as a gift to a friend. She hasn’t seen the movie until now and I kept babbling how nice the movie is especially the singing part. 🙂

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