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Bedtimes are precious moments. These are intimate times with your little ones when you wrap up the day and tuck them in as they drift into dreamland. These moments of love are often capped with bedtime stories that are filled with lessons in love, faith, hope, and aspiration. This might be a lofty description for simple bedtime stories – they are, after all, mostly stories about bears, clowns, angels, and fairies. But, it certainly cannot be denied that these stories have more than just entertainment value.

These are three of our all-time favorite bedtime stories:

1. Love You Forever by Robert Munsch – this is a touching story of love that transcends time. In lilting sing-song, lines about how a parent’s and child’s love for each other never ends are expressed in poetry repeated in every stage of a person’s life. Through infancy, childhood, youth, and adulthood, the son’s mother declared her unconditional love. In old age, it was the son’s turn to sing the lines to his mother and pass the loving tradition onto his own daughter.

2. Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney – yet another story of love, this bedtime story features a young hare and his father and their declarations of how much they love each other, each one more expansive than the next as father and son tries to express love that’s greater than the other. This is a delightfully amusing book to read just before your little one nods off.

3. Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson – this book tells of a little boy’s adventure with nothing more than an oversized purple crayon. Stimulating though it may seem, this book compensates with calming visuals. The story is all about a four-year old’s “walk in the moonlight,” letting his oversized crayons draw out the scenes. The character himself brings you and your child back home and into bed as he draws his own home and bedroom to go to sleep after his adventures.