Leather Journals For People From All Walks of Life

By on November 25, 2013


A leather journal is a special item that people from many walks of life can use. It has a unique look compared to the average notebook that a person can buy at a stationery store. The people who shop for leather journals do so to satisfy a number of different purposes. Here are some examples of people who use leather journals in their daily lives.

A graphic artist may use a leather journal to make simple sketches to use as the basis for future projects. A graphic artist may keep the journal with him or her at all times so it’s easy to make a sketch whenever an idea presents itself. The artist may show the sketch book to his or her employer to demonstrate the fundamentals of an idea that needs to be explored. The employer may see a sketch and ask the artist to do some further expansion on it to see if it will turn into a viable idea for a client. In this case, keeping a leather journal can help a graphic artist progress in his or her vocation.

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Freelance writers may find some benefits in keeping a leather journal close at hand. Sometimes freelance writers get ideas at odd times such as when they are driving or visiting a particular store. By keeping a leather journal, a writer doesn’t have to lose an idea or a bit of memorable dialogue. It can be jotted down on a page of the journal and kept for later use. A journal such as this can be thought of as a tool of the trade for a freelance writer.

A scrap booking enthusiast with a special project may find that a leather journal fits perfectly with his or her idea. For instance, the person may come up with the idea of making a scrapbook for a couple who is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. The gift-giver could put a gathering of photos and memories in the leather journal in a way that touches the hearts of the happy couple. The leather journal scrapbook would be a keepsake that the couple would treasure.

Finally, a young person who wants to keep a diary would have use for a leather journal. The person could set down his or her thoughts and ideas in a book that has an extra special look. The diary may be something that the youngster would hold dear for years to come.


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Be Bookish

The Benefits of Reading to Your Kids Now that They’ve Grown

By on November 20, 2013


It has always been that parents read to their children when they were very little not only to help them learn new words and increase their vocabulary. It is a form of bonding and an early attempt in injecting in them the love of reading. But as these kids grow older and are able to read independently, moms and dads tend to reduce the time spent telling them stories and leave them to peruse books on their own.

But did you know that it’s still important to read to your kids even if they are older?

Think about it: the primary way that children learn how to read is by listening first. They enrich their vocabulary and discover the meanings of new words by hearing how they are pronounced and used in sentences. Books provide avenues for this kind of academic learning. You can start with short stories for your first grader then eventually go for Shakespeare or science fiction when your kids reach sixth or seventh grade.

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Reading to older children not only develops their vocabulary. Coupled with a question-and-answer type of interaction, it also helps them understand complex ideas or story plots. This can be done by discussing the story line with your kids after reading a chapter or the entire narrative of a book. Engage them in conversations revolving around the story by asking questions like “What do you think will happen next?” or “If you were the character, would you do the same?” or “Do you think it could have ended differently?”

Also, regardless the age of your children, reading to them encourages their love for literature. Your kids will pick up your passion for reading because they see your desire in poring over books for hours.

More importantly, spending time reading to your kids, even if they’re older, strengthens the bond between the parent and child. When your children grow up, they will surely remember and treasure those moments when you cuddled in front of their favorite book and got lost in the story together. And when they have kids of their own, they would definitely want to experience the same kind of relationship like you had with them.

It doesn’t matter if it takes an hour or just 5 minutes of each day. Reading to your kids even if they’re older will reap great benefits for your children academically and emotionally.


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