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Studying abroad is one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences a college student can have. Abroad study enables the student to truly become immersed in a culture. Whether you want to visit China in order to learn Mandarin and learn more about ancient Chinese culture or you’re interested in studying in Mexico in order to become fluent in Spanish, studying abroad opens a huge range of possibilities when it comes to your education and your future career.

One thing that’s important to consider is that regardless of your major, you can study abroad. Most students choose to study abroad for a set period of time, such as two months, one semester, or an entire year. The amount of time you choose to dedicate to studying abroad depends on your current financial situation, your personal responsibilities, and whether or not you have a family. After all, heading overseas when you have kids can be a challenge.

When you decide to take the leap and go overseas, you’ll need to choose where exactly you want to study. Consider your major and what areas have a strong university with classes in your field. For example, if you want to study law, you may find that learning about legal issues in Australia is a beneficial choice. You can Statutory Interpretation in Australia or even work on your law degree while overseas.

When you do go overseas, make sure you actually get involved in the local community and the people around you. Avoid the temptation to stick in a group with your friends. After all, the value of being overseas is that you can talk to native speakers of the language you’re learning and truly get absorbed in the culture and the community. Consider joining a club, a church group, or even an activities group. If you go to Taiwan, there are plenty of places to go hiking and exploring. Consider joining a hiking group that goes on regular activities. Visiting Japan? Why not join a tea drinking group? You’ll be able to explore and try a variety of different tasty treats while simultaneously learning about the culture and expanding your personal horizons.