First there were e-books, now there is Audible. Life is certainly getting better for all the bookworms out there. There is no reason to miss out on the latest bestsellers when one has an e-book or audio book that enables users to access their favorite novels and texts while on the go. But one must admit that the audio books get the upper hand when it comes to reading convenience. Avid readers can simply play the books on their gadgets and listen. This allows them to “read” while traveling, multi-tasking, or even with their eyes closed.

Bookworms who want to get access to a wide selection of audio books can simply visit the Audible site and take their bestseller picks. Audible is a subsidiary of that sells a wide selection of audio books online. Consumers can simply purchase and download books from the site anytime they want. iPhone and iPad users get the added convenience of having the Audio Books from Audible app available for their gadgets. This application enables users to transfer books to any compatible device via wi-fi. Readers can also enjoy basic features of book marking, chapter navigation, variable narration speed, sleep mode and button free mode, update friends on your current read through facebook and twitter, keep track of your listening habits, and earn badges. The latest version includes a Whispersync for Voice which allows users to easily switch between listening and reading. Unfortunately, the new version also has flaws like the absence of volume control and skip button which disappointed their old time users.

The best way to spend idle time is to enrich the mind. Listening to an audio book is the most effortless way to feed one’s mind and cultivate the imagination. Even with the flaws in the Audible app, there are users who still find it handy for enjoying books while on the go.