Of Reading and Water Heater Installation

By on August 28, 2011


This photo was taken some weeks ago, when the sun has been hiding…it does look warm though but I tell you the heater is on. I just edited the photo to look warm. My daughter is reading something with her socks still on…it was somewhat cold.

Those water heater installation, furnaces and heaters are permanent fixtures in our home. They could be boring to look at like this heater by the window…sometimes, I truly like my kids to paint them graffiti! Still, I’m thankful that these heaters have been kind to us for the past 6 years or so. We don’t have to be heavily dressed up in the winter and we’re not even turning them on, our neighbors below and those above turn theirs on so that keeps our walls heated too! 😀

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Getting lost in a Book

By on August 22, 2011
getting lost in a book
Stack them

I honestly haven’t been lost in a book for some time now. When you get busy it can drag you and you forget about the little things, those routine that truly make you happy.

I haven’t been lost in a book lately, thus no updates…I truly need to slow down my pace.

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True to life stories | Tuesday Couch Potatoes

Becoming Jane

By on August 4, 2011

The story is inspired by Jane Austen’s early life and her posited relationship with Thomas Lefroy, the inspiration for Pride and Prejudice’s Mr. Darcy, one of the books that the author is known for. She is portrayed by Anne Hathaway while Lefroy was played by James McAvoy. The story was set at the time when Jane was discovering her writing and later on would start to write Pride and Prejudice, it was also when marriage  was being considered by her family for her.

Very much like Mr.Darcy, Tom was arrogant and mischievous but was enamored by Jane, they fell in love but poverty and talks of being the breadwinner would keep them apart.

In a scene, Tom asks Jane if she loves him, and she replies, “Yes, but if our love destroys your family, then it will destroy itself in a long, slow degradation of guilt and regret and blame.”

Watching the movie, one would think how ironic that Jane wrote her books with such endings when hers was not as good as her heroines’. Perhaps these stories where how she wanted hers to be…a sort of dreams and hopes in the relationship department.


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